I recently contributed an article to the Youth Challenge International (YCI) Blog  - giving fundraising tips to future volunteers who wish to embark on a life changing development project overseas. While some tips are geared specifically to the YCI program, most can be recreated by any individual in any type of community fundraising or overseas development project initiative. 

Here is an excerpt:

"When I got the news that I had been selected to be a YCI Communications Innovator in Zanzibar, Tanzania during the winter 2012, I was ecstatic.  However, like most volunteers, my main concern was money. How would I get enough to cover my volunteer experience?  I have worked for many years in Public Relations and Marketing roles, but was the first time I had to ask people for money for one of my own projects. Would they support me? I wondered. Using Social Media and online tools, it was pretty easy to reach a wide audience of potential donors.  It takes a bit of organization and some creativity, but anyone can build a good campaign that lets people know what your intentions are, gets them excited and willing to help you out and is a good way to educate people about development issues.  Here are some tips that worked for me." 

Are you ready? Read all my fundraising tips here.