Frederic Gayer

Frederic Gayer - Graphic Artist and Photographer, Moncton, NB Canada

As a newcomer to Moncton, hailing from France, Frederic Gayer sought out Echo Actions's help to promote his graphic design and photography business via Web, Social Media and special events. Echo Actions helped publicize his first photo exhibit in the region, which drew lots of media attention. Echo Actions also helped him develop his new project - Moncton-Our City, in which Gayer invites the public to share with him their favourite places in Moncton – sentimental spots and/or hidden jewels. He takes a picture of each place, trying to capture the importance and emotions it evokes. He also makes a black and white portrait of the individual who suggested the place. Tying the two together, the results, quite mesmerizing, are published on his Facebook page.


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