Nathalie Landry

Nathalie Landry

Founder/Communications Consultant, Echo Actions Communications 

Nathalie Landry's passion for travel, community development and cultural exchange, as well as her background and training in journalism and public relations, inspired her to create Echo Actions Communications - a Communications for Social Change Consulting practice dedicated to helping businesses, community leaders and organizations create effective communication strategies and tools to shape a more just, sustainable and healthy world. 

Even as a child, Nathalie was always daydreaming. Narrating her own life, imagining various worlds filled with colourful characters and projecting herself around the world while scanning the pages of her dad’s issues of National Geographic, it seemed predestined that she would become a writer or international reporter.  As an adult, she still daydreams, and has chosen to use her communication and writing skills to work for organizations whose mission and goals she believes in and supports. 

She has worked in various communication roles, advocating for the importance of language learning and multiculturalism at the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers, promoting community economic development at the Conseil de développement économique de la Nouvelle-Écosse and supporting local businesses and entrepreneurship at the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce

In 2012, she fine-tuned her communications skills overseas as a volunteer Communications Innovator with Youth Challenge International – a leading global youth development organization. She lent her expertise in communications and marketing to ZANGOC – an umbrella organization of local NGOs dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Drug Abuse throughout the islands of Zanzibar, Tanzania. She helped ZANGOC's staff, volunteers and youth leaders create communication tools, acquire new web, public relations and marketing skills and get their message across to draw attention to their advocacy and outreach efforts. 

On top of all of these years of experience in helping organizations brand themselves and increase their visibility, Nathalie has training in graphic design, film, teaching English as a second language (TESL), public speaking and group facilitation (Art of Hosting). Want to know more? Her CV will tell you all about her training and work experience prior to launching Echo Actions Communications

In 2013, Nathalie was chosen as one of Atlantic Canada's Top 50 Emerging Leaders by 21inc for her leadership and community involvement. Echo Actions thus continues to grow and reach clients throughout Canada as well as overseas.

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